Your Always-On B2B Sales Engine

Forager scours the web in real-time to find prospects matching your customer personas - then adds them into your CRM to give your sales team superpowers.

The world's first and only
real-time prospecting engine

Laser targeting

Forager's engine develops custom crawlers based on criteria and characteristics you provide, allowing for extreme precision

Robust enrichment

Forager automatically enriches matching prospects across more than 50 customer and organization attributes, allowing for deeper insight.

Always fresh

Forager's engine never runs out of fuel. And, unlike sales databases, Forager's real-time prospect data is never stale.

Define your ideal customer profile.

Define common attributes of your most successful customers, including job title, seniority and geography. Add additional attributes such as industry, company size, annual revenue and fundraising stats.

Scour the web for matching prospects

Forager's intelligent prospecting engine initiates custom crawlers based on your defined parameters. Crawlers work 24/7 in real-time to find matching prospects automatically, while you sleep.

Amplify your sales pipeline.

Automatically send prospects into your preferred sales CRM (Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, etc.)

Easily connect Forager with leading sales engagement tools (Outreach, Reply,, etc.)

“ Our top of funnel is constantly full of prospects and our deal volume has increased 5x”

Justin Winter, Boostopia

Robust enrichment, deeper insight.

Prospects are enriched with more than 50 attributes, including contact info, address, education, social media and much more.

Even deeper organization enrichments like number of employees, Alexa rank and funding data giving your sales team a 360 degree view of each prospect.

Easily set up in less than 1 minute

1. Add Customer Criteria

2. Activate Crawler

3. Connect to CRM

Start closing more deals today

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