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Starts at


Billed at $9,000 $8,100/yr

Billed monthly


Includes 1,000 credits. Additional credits are sold in increments of 100 from $67.50/month.

Scale plan includes:

5 Active Personas
Email and Phone Support
Dedicated Success Manager
Valid Emails and Phone Numbers
Traffic Thresholds
Fundraising Thresholds
Intent Data
Set persona criteria around specific actions taken by companies (e.g. jobs posted)


Starts at


Billed at $22,500 $22,500/yr


Includes 2,500 credits. Additional credits are sold in increments of 100 from $75.00/month.

Everything in Scale Plus:

10 Active Personas
Technographic Data
CSV Enrichment
Forager API
Tailored Onboarding
Salesforce Data Enrichment (Add-On)
Custom Scraping (Add-On)


Customize and enhance your plan with additional features and expert services

White Glove Configuration

Our team will set up and configure your Forager integration with your current or new outbound sales solution with industry-tuned best practices that ensure optimal success for your prospecting program.

Starting at

Sales Copywriting

Don’t have the time or experience writing effective sales copy? Have our team of expert writers develop a custom drip sequence designed to maximize open and response rates to your cold outreach.

Starting at

White Glove Configuration + Sales Copywriting (Bundle)

We’ll set up your Forager integration using industry best-practices as well as craft custom sales sequences that’ll ensure your new prospecting program hits the ground running.

Starting at

Deliverability Audit

Not sure your outbound emails are reaching your prospects’ inboxes? Our team will will conduct an in-depth audit into your set up and provide actions to maximize your email deliverability.

Starting at

Deliverability Optimization

Our team will conduct our comprehensive email audit and take all actions to optimize your email deliverability and proactively protect your mailing reputation.

Starting at

Frequently asked questions

Still sitting on the fence? Here are some answers to the most commonly asked questions

What's the difference between the plans?

Both the Grow and Scale plans will deliver the same number of prospects per month. However, with the Scale plan you have the ability to create and run multiple Personas simultaneously. In addition, the Scale plan allows you to add in additional thresholds such as company Alexa rank and fundraising history. These additional thresholds allow for a deeper level of prospect qualification and accuracy.

What if the prospects delivered are not accurate?

Unlike most prospecting and lead-gen services, Forager is a real-time service that continuously crawls the web to find prospects based on your configured personas. This means stale or outdated prospect data is virtually eliminated. However, if a prospect is scraped that doesn't match the Persona criteria we will either replace that prospect or refund the cost of that prospect.

Can I add more prospects to my plan if I run out?

You can upgrade your plan at any time to increase the number of prospects flowing into your account.

Does Forager integrate with my existing workflow?

Forager has direct integrations with Reply.io and Lemlist and can also be connected via Zapier to more than 700 sales applications, including Salesforce, Hubspot and Pipedrive. If you need help with a more complex integration, please contact our team and explain your needs.

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